Om Prakash Singhania popularly known as OP Singhania , is a leading Chartered Accountant of Central India with an experience of more than 35 years in the profession. O P Singhania was born in Lailunga , a small village, and went on to complete his Articleship from S.R Botliboi & Co., now a part of EY India, He started his journey with a small loan of Rs 17,000 and built a name for himself in his profession. He now represents some of the largest companies of Chhattisgarh and is regarded as an expert on Company Taxation and Audit. He has also been a part of various philanthropic, social and cultural activities in Raipur. He has had a great impact on Chhattisgarh by playing a pivotal role in the growth of the industries.

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Not One in a Million Book

I am Not One in a Million, so why is my story worth telling? Why is my story inspirational? I am a self made person who started from scratch and built a name for himself in his trade. My story, my life and my experience are something anyone can relate and connect to. I don't claim to have achieved something extraordinary, but I believe what I have learnt can be relevant to millions of ordinary Indians who want to achieve something more. The probability of becoming Kennedy or a Kalam is very slim , but with the right lessons , the probability of being a better me is high. I want everyone who reads this book to aim high,, have the right attitude and do reasonably well in their life. That is what this book is all about.

A lot of people may have better stories than I do. A lot of people may have more life lessons than I do. But it's important to pen down these moments and learning capsules for people to read. This is a book to inspire someone to become a reasonably successful person. These stories and learnings are nothing new, but they just nudge a person to be the best version of themselves.

"My son will become a CA," I haven't forgotten these words of my father. Coming from a business man and landlord from a small village, this was an unexpected aim. His vision and ambition for me have made me what I am today. A lump was forming in my throat as I thought of narrating my journey. It seems to me that no autobiography can claim to document every details of your life. There are bound to be instances that can't be written about for confidential reasons and professional ethics. But I have set out to make this account of my journey as close to a full story as I can.

Apart from serving as an inspiration to the youth to follow their dreams, this book is also intended to make future generation of my family aware of the cinematography of my life-the blend of sorrow , joy, struggle and achievements.When my great - grandchildren read the book, I want them to know how we emerged as the grandiose ' Singhania Family' of a privileged background from scratch..

So here I am, ready to recount incidents that I can remember from my career and personal life, during which I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with extraordinary people.. Every stage of life is unique. At any age and stage, there are obstacles and opportunities , trails and triumphs. Making the most of those positive opportunities and learning from my mistakes has brought me success.

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Words of Wisdom



“ Building on our strengths and imbibing them in our career makes us better at what we do ”


“ I urge you to take a moment to identify the people who have provided the stepping stones for you to reach your goals and express your gratitude to them. ”


“ Sometimes the worst moments can motivate us and spur us on to strive for a better life. ”


“ Time is the biggest teacher of all. One has to accept what life gives us, but how we behave , overcome and react to situation is what defines us as a person. ”


“ You only live once in the new age philosophy. However , to live in the moment shouldn't be our only goal. ”


“ My biggest takeaway is to be reasonably honest, never retire in life and lead a healthy life ”



I am indeed happy to learn that you are writing an autobiographical book about your professional journey which is going to be launched on 26th November, 2018 on the auspicious occasion of your 60th Birthday.

R.K Agrawal
Former Managing Partner, SR Batliboi & Co., Member firm of EY in India

In our everyday struggle lies learning, growth and progress and that is what this book attempted to bring out. An individual's struggle against whatever life brings his way.

Geetanjali Gayatri
The Tribune

I am very happy to see that you have penned down your life journey.This story of your journey, which started from a small village, will serve as inspiration to others.

Manoj Fadnis,
Former President of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India

"Not One In A Million" is an inspiring story of a common man who has faced and overcome the trials and tribulations of life.This makes for an authentic and engaging read – an essential book for every person with a dream.

Lalit Surjan
Editor-in-chief, Desh Bandhu Media Group


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